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[Skin] What is the skin scaling?
[2007-09-21 02:52] (1,768)

Skin scaling is a peeling technique of removing the damaged keratin layer. Among the various layers of skin, the outermost layer is keratin that takes charge of numerous functions as it organizes and piles scale-shape cells. There are two major functions of this layer: first is to prevent the introduction of toxic substance and germs from the outside and second is to secure the moisture in the skin.


However, if skin is damaged or aged, it affects the keratin layer for the first time, thus the keratin cells, which have to be piled up properly likes bricks are just piled randomly. Such irregular keratin layer makes the surface of skin uneven and the problems such as skin protection and moisturizing arise. In that case, removal of the keratin layer helps the skin to reproduce new cells to fill the keratin layer, therefore it not only helps the keratin layer restore the original function but make the surface of skin soft.


Therefore, skin scaling is usually used when skin’s condition seems to improve by removing the keratin layer. In general, it is used for the treatment of pimples and the enlarged hair follicles and for the supplementary method for the treatment of liver spots, freckles and other minor skin problems. After skin scaling, skin peeling occurs only when washing the face. There is not need to worry about a scab from the treatment, thus it is okay to return to daily activity including wearing makeup.


In addition, there is almost no pain while receiving the treatment and it is effective for whitening and removal of sebum and wastes on skin. It has fewer side effects, however several examination to define the thickness of skin, skin color, type of skin (oily or dry), as well as the level of skin damage. For this reason, it is important to consult with a dermatologist before receiving the treatment.

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