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Jutting /square shaped Jawbone's surgery
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The Surgery for the jutting /square shaped Jawbone


The surgery for the jutting or square-shaped jawbone is a surgical intervention that cuts some part of the protruding jawbone. A person with jutting jawbone has a somewhat strong and rigid impression. He/she seems to have a large-width face from the front view and big face from the side view because of the angled and developed jawbones (around the Gonial Angle).


When the contour of the jawbone is weak, it slightly gives a less powerful impression, thus one can be underestimated or is seen as a weak person. On the other hand, if the jawbone is big and angled or wide, it is difficult to project a gentle and feminine image. The impression towards the person is stubborn and rigid unlike her real personality.


Such angled and wide jawbones can be removed to form a gentler curve by decreasing the width of face by the jawbone surgery. The amount of jawbone to be removed should be decided after going through radiation exam to figure out the location of nerves, the structure of a wisdom tooth and the form and structure of the jawbone. These steps are done to make a natural and gentle curve without damage. And after cutting the bones, the cut areas are grinded to smoothen.


If it is necessary to reduce the width of right and left side because of the thick outer cortex, the cortex plates located on both sides may be grinded. The Corticotomy that removes the cortex plates may also be executed to help reduce the width when viewed from the front. Moreover, the Corticotomy is performed when the jawbone is too thick. Sometimes, the overall shape of the jawbones and chin may be trimmed to have a gentle and smooth curve.


The effect of jawbone cutting (changing the Gonial Angle) not only reduces the volume as much as the amount of cut out bones, but also brings the contraction effect of the muscle that have been attached to the jawbones. Therefore, it makes a nice slender face from the side and oval shaped face from the front as well.


The jawbone cutting (changing the Gonial Angle) is performed by cutting inside the mouth so the scar is invisible. The side effect that decreases the sensation on lips can be minimized.

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