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Pimples generally occur during the early teens. But the symptoms may worsen for people who are in their 20s and may occur to adults who are in their 30s and 40s. Without a treatment, pimples disappear within several years but it can be hard to wait for it to be gone. When they are not treated, pimples may leave permanent scars on the face. Pimples indicate clogged hair follicles (black head comedo and white head comedo), pustules and tumors (cystoma or tuber) and they can occur in the face, neck, chest, back, shoulders and even on the arms. Serious and even light pimples can leave scars. With a certain level of care and treatment, pimples can be remarkably prevented and cured.


Cause, conditions and physiological


The hormones increase during puberty that causes the enlargement of the sebaceous glands of the skin. These sebaceous glands exist on the face, back and chest, the common areas of where pimples occur. The male hormone found in both men and women activates sebaceous glands. The sebaceous gland is connected to hair follicle, a pipe where hair grows. In these glands, the oily substance called sebum is created. The sebum is discharged to the surface of skin through the opening of the hair follicles. Sebum stimulates the inner wall of the hair follicles to make the cells on the inner wall be dropped more quickly. The sebum also blocks the opening of hair follicles with the dropped cells from the inner wall. The mixture of sebum and the cell allows bacteria to grow in the hair follicles and chemical matters generated from these bacteria explodes the wall of the hair follicle. Eventually, sebum, bacteria, the dropped cells are discharged through skin to cause rash, pus and swelling, otherwise known as a pimple.




The treatment of pimples is a long-term process. Every treatment for pimples is to prevent the generation of a new pimple and it takes time for it to effect. It is a good idea to change the way of treating the pimples if there has been no improvement after 6-8 weeks. The ways of treating pimples varies depending on the types of pimples. There may be pimple rash because of a cosmetic you once used or drug you had taken for awhile. Sometimes, pimples may occur due to the hormonal imbalance so it is important to inform a dermatologist about the cosmetics and drugs you had applied and taken. For women, the patterns of period have to be considered as well.


Pimple lotions and creams, which are considered as non-medical supplies, are helpful for light level of pimples. However, using them too often makes the skin dry, thus, it is important to read instructions carefully before using those products. The medicines for external use, such as vitamin A or benzoyl peroxide work in opening the hair follicles and reduce the level of bacteria. During the use of such products, skin can be dry up and keratin to be generated. For this reason, it is necessary to consult with a medical professional about the right use and side effects of such medicines.


There are antibiotics for local application but they are used for light level pimples. For severe pimples, the cortisone is injected to lessen the symptom. A dermatologist sometimes pops the pimples or black and white heads. Though this should not be done at home because it cause reddening, swelling and inflammation which may eventually leave a scar.


Antibiotics that can be taken orally like Tetracycline, Minocycline and Erythromycin are used for severe pimples, especially for pimples found on the chest and back. It is rare, but when such antibiotics are used too long, there may be bacterial infection around the vagina of the female. In this case, the treatment for the mycoses has to be done. Antibiotics decrease the number of bacteria in the hair follicles and directly lessen the rash. Women who are taking contraceptives would feel the improvement of the skin. Actually, a contraceptive is used for pimple treatment. It is not common, but with the use of antibiotics, the effect of contraceptives can be reduced. This option can be considered when there is unexpected bleeding of the vagina. For females who are pregnant or breast feeding, consult with a medical professional for the use of antibiotics.


In case of severe pimples, good quality medicines are used. Although. you have to keep in mind about the side effects of using them. Female hormone drugs that are currently used can decrease the effect of the male hormone. If one is taking a drug from the Retinoid group, he/she has to see a doctor to be monitored regularly. Especially the drug khiueeour, which may cause a side effect related to delivery. One should be cautious not to get pregnant when taking this drug. No matter the kind of drug prescribed by the doctor, pimples occur often in oily skin type. Therefore, approaching the pimple treatment as a skin care rather than skin healing is important until the pimples completely disappear. No short-term remedy is available to cure pimples. Only proper treatment and care can prevent scarring caused by pimples.




1. Food-Pimples are not generated by food. The opinion regarding the importance of eating habits for pimple treatment varies from each dermatologist. But one thing for sure though, that is, regulating one’s eating habit cannot make the skin clean. On the other hand, some people find a certain type of food that worsens their pimples, and in this case, it is recommended to avoid such food. Frankly speaking, it is hard to find a deciding factor of pimple occurrence because its symptom repeats and improvement relapses. 


2. The ultraviolet light therapy (sunbathing) can hide pimples but its effect is temporary. The ultraviolet rays age the skin and are a cause of skin cancer. Thus, sunburn and suntan should be avoided. It is good for a person with pimples to apply the gel-type oil free sun-block product


3. Cosmetics - The skin with pimples is relatively oily compared to other skin types. Therefore, it is important to choose cosmetics that contain less oil. When using a liquid foundation or moisturizer, the product should neither be aqueous nor oily. Also, a product that is marked as non-comedogenic has to be selected. Makeup should be removed with soap and fresh water every night. A lotion with light skin color can conceal pimples on the body and an oil-free powder can cover pimples on the face. When using hair spray or gel, the face has to be covered. If the hair products get in contact with the face, it may cause a pimple shaped rash on the area of contact.


4. Cleansing - Pimple do not occur because a person is not clean enough. The color black in the black head is not dust and it seems to be black because the mixture of the dried oil content and dropped out cells are attached to the opening of hair follicles. However, those people whose jobs require them to deal with industrial oil have to wash their face thoroughly after work. Wash the face twice a day using soap and warm water. Avoid frequent washing since it may worsen the condition of the pimples. Also, it is necessary to wash the hair. When there are a lot of pimples on the forehead, the front hair has to be washed often. A dermatologist will inform you the proper way to cleanse the face and wash the hair.


5. Shaving - When a man with pimples shaves, it is better to test both an electric shaver and a razor to decide which one is more convenient. If you use a razor, it is good to apply a shaving cream after softening the beard with soap and warm water. Shave as gently as possible, carefully not touching the pimples only when it is necessary with a sharp razor. 

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