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[Aging] What is aging, and why does it occur?
[2007-09-18 10:59] (1,374)

Generally, aging is used to describe a condition where the functions of your body deteriorate, making it harder for you to adapt to your environment, which eventually leads to death. Aging starts slowly in the twenties, and starts to be seriously developing from the age of 40. Of course, the time and degree of the aging process differs depending on the personal and physiologic conditions and the environment.


The exact causes of aging have not yet been fully understood. If we discover the factors that cause aging, it may allow us to increase our life expectancies to 120 years old or more. Therefore, finding the reasons for aging has been one of the biggest research topics being explored.


How much, then, do the scientists know about the secrets of aging? The reasons for aging can be divided into 2 large categories. The first is the ‘aging expectation theory.' It is a very disappointing theory stating that like all living creatures, humans have a genetically determined life expectancy.


However, this theory suggests that we might be able to lengthen our lives or even live eternally if we are able to find the gene determining the duration of human life.


On the other hand, the ‘damage accumulation theory’ states that a long term exposure to harmful substances and radiation increases the amount of harmful oxygen in the body, which influences the cells and eventually cause aging. The method to longevity would be to restrain the production of this harmful oxygen and to increase the anti-oxidizing ability of your body.


The cosmetic products used by women contain strong anti-oxidants and anti-aging components such as vitamin E (tocopherol) and A. The beta-carotene and vitamin C contained in the green vegetables and fruits are also known to have high anti-oxidizing effects.


Finally, we were unable to define the causes of aging. However, we can say that aging occurs due to hereditary and acquired factors, which act on the human cells.

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